August 2006 - Our new home - Kanab, Utah

August 15, 2006

We arrived at 1 p.m in a rain and hail storm fter staying at the KOA in Flagstaff for a couple of nights before we headed to Kanab, Utah which now instead of Vegas would be our "ultimate" destination. 

However, little did we know just how ultimate it would be! 

The drive was an easy drive with many beautiful sites to see along the way.  We left Flagstaff at 6:30 in the morning, for some reason (probably not having money) we felt really motivated to get on the road. 
We arrived in Kanab around 12:30 pm at Parry Lodge.  We met with the General Manager, Steve Browning and some of the other staff working at the time and then on to the rv park, Crazy Horse Campark to get settled in.
The park didn't look very inviting and we had passed a much better looking one, the Hitchin Post RV Park just down the road that we would have preferred to stay at but since our work agreement included our rent we didn't have a choice.  So we stop at the office to find out where we are assigned an wow and this wasn't a good wow!   There were mice running all over the place and it was filthy.  In the big room attached to the check in desk which had several large bird cages and bird crap all over as well.  Not a very welcome sight, but this is what we signed up for when we started our new life's journey.  You take what you are given and do the best you can with it.

We had arrived just a few days before a big festival that is held every year in Kanab.  Western Legends Roundup and little did we know just how big it would be - at least to us.

We made quick friends in the park and the other Workampers that had already been working at the Lodge made us feel at home (this would all change a few years later).  We didn't bring our car with us, remember we said we were newbies so we didn't want to have to worry about that, we figured that we could just rent a car when we wanted to go sightseeing, you know you can do that in any city ---------except or Kanab.

The park was only 15 minutes (walking) from the Lodge, less then a mile driving so we figured that since we needed exercise anyway this would be great.  Our job was that of housekeepers, we weren't going to be too picky at this point - we were out of money so for now this would be good.  We knew we'd only be here until November which that point we would continue out quest for Vegas (sure we would) so we can be anything we need to be......for now.

Parry Lodge has a storied history.  Quite a few movies were filmed in and around Kanab and Kane County as well as the whole State of Utah.  If you've ever seen the Outlaw Josie Wales or even Gunsmoke then you've seen the sights (mountains) of the area.  The cool part is the cast and crew stayed at the Lodge while they were filming. Now my husband being the biggest movie buff I know wasn't even aware that this place existed, so when we arrive he quickly delves into everything there is available to learn about the movies made here and the area.

August 2006 - Tucson to Flagstaff

August 13, 2006

On the road again, I just can't wait to be on the road the song goes.  7:00 I-10 to I-17 to Flagstaff, AZ.  A very beautiful drive a lot to see along the way, we arrive in Flagstaff at 11:00 and pull into the KOA.  Once again there very friendly and helpful people at the registration desk.  We pay for our spot as we go through a small a winding park but beautiful at the foot of Mt. Elden.

After we get the rig hooked up and the kids (Bud and Fuzzle) settled in, we decide to go for a hike.  Since we started out farily late in the day we figured we go for a short hike.....right!

August 2006 - Prince of Tucson

August 11, 2006

Pulling out of Deming, NM 7:30 am getting onto I-10 we are on our way to Tucson, AZ.  A short day today we arrive at the Prince of Tucson RV Park.  This is a fairly large park but very clean and friendly people. 

We head to our space and get settled in for what we thought would be just one night - but little did we know...............that would all change tomorrow.
August 12, 2006

This is a day I will never forget and would be a test of my driving skills and how to react in an emergency.  We pull out of the RV park and head towards I-10 towards Flagstaff or so we thought.  As we reach part of I-10 overpass I hear something that sounds just like helicopters, being close to an Airforce base we think nothing of it and we keep going.
All of a sudden the noiseis getting louder and louder and then BANG a blown tire and I'm now racing through my brain on what to do when you get a front tire blow out and the very first thing is not to put on the brakes (which I do anyway) duh then quickly release and then just start pumping.  Listening to the horrible noise coming from under the rig all sorts of things are going through my head about the amount of damage this is all causing.  Rememer I said we were on an overpass?

So as we are slowing down we are on a part of the roadway where we are on the otherside of the overpass and I pull over to a part of the road where there in an on ramp and you can't see us until you come over the I start freaking out - so much for calmness in an emergency.  At the time this all felt like an omen, that after our little tornado in Alabama we should just give up and go home, it's a sign!

We call Good Sam Club which was a life saver for us - by the way did I mention this was a Saturday?  We also called 911....So here we are, me the hysterical one imaging a truck coming barreling over the overpass and slaming into us, I'm picturing what the papers would say...."a young couple on an adventure die tragically when their motorhome was struck by a semi" what an imagination right?

A very nice woman police officer shows up and calms me the best she can.  Courtney, God Bless him while panicked as well was the opitomy of calm (I only found out later how scared he was), between the two of them I was better.  So the guy shows up from the tire store and accesses our tires and informs us that we should replace all 6 of our tires! 
Well, quickly going through our finances we realize we don't even have  enough money to do that - great now what are we destined to stay in Tucson?  Nope - mom to the rescue. 

We call her and she quickly wires money to our account and 4 hours and $1,200 later we have brand new tires.  We decide to stay another night in Tucson and boy am I glad we did.  We spent the rest of the day and night looking over the Workamper job hotline in the hopes of finding something, anything since we are really low on money and will need something when we get to Las Vegas.

That night, while taking another relaxing swim in the pool we get a phone call from Steve Browng, General Manager of Parry Lodge in Kanab, Utah.  He said he had a job for us and before he could tell us what it was we said we'll take it.  We'll be housekeepers at the Lodge, an 89 room hotel with a very big Hollywood connection, we wouldn't know how big until we got there.

7 a.m. we head out on the road to Flagstaff, Arizona our next stop and about 6 hours away.  Thank God for the job, we now have something definite to look forward to and know that we won't run out of money!

August 2006 - Texas

August 7, 2006

7:15 am on the road again - I-10 to Texas we leave the KOA, say goodbye to Mike and Tiffany and we are on the way.  Today is a little cooler and sunny.

This will be a short day, not sure why but we're tired so 5 hours later we pull into the Columbus RV Park in Columbus, Texas.  

The camp host was just so proud of the newly remodeled bathrooms he just had to show them off.

After a shower in the newly remodeled bathrooms and a relaxing evening sitting on the porch and a nice stroll around the park we settle in for the night.

August 8, 2006

Up and on the road at 7:15, we have a long way to go through Texas so we head out on I-10 once again.
Arriving in Junction, Texas at the KOA  on the Llano River, register and go to our site which is under a tree not too far from the river.  

You could tell they hadn't had too much water as the river levels were really low but the water was very refreshing from the heat.

We also took advantage of their pool and since we were practically the only ones there we pretty much had the pool to ourselves - which was nice, peaceful and very relaxing.  After our swim we did our laundry, showered and went to bed, as I said we had a long way to go to get through Texas so rest is very necessary!

August 9, 2006

As we pull out of the KOA in Junction, Courtney takes a quick scan of the map to see how far we still have to go get through....another 5 hours later and we land at Balmorea State Park in Toyahvale, Texas and what a find this was.  Watch the video produced by State Parks of Texas here ..............

August 10, 2006

Roadrunner RV Park
7:45 up and out and heading towards New Mexico.  About 5 hours later we arriving in Deming, New Mexico .   We drove around just alittle and really didn't see too much of interest so we went back to the first RV park we saw, Roadrunner RV Park
Paul was our park host and a very nice and cordial man.  He took the time to make sure we were settled in and proceeded to show us around the park and let us pick some nuts from all of the pecan trees on the property and they were fabulous, sweet and smooth tasting.  Nothing like fresh anything!  We had a really nice nights sleep, very restful.  Until tomorrow and our quest for Vegas....

August 2006 - Westbound and down

August 6, 2006
7:00 am and we are on the road.  Heading to I-10 and Louisiana.

Again an uneventful trip, still hot and very, very humid, but I will say the roads in Louisiana are horrible.  So many potholes, uneven and just plain nasty.  We're surprised that all of our things in the cabinets didn't come falling out.

2:00 pm we pull into Scott, Louisiana KOA and some friends we met in Port St. Lucie catch up with us.  Mike and Tiffany show up after 10 hours of driving.  They are headed to the KOA at Circus, Circus in Vegas and plans are in the works to hook up with them once we arrive in the hopes we can get a job there as well - funds are getting low.

August 2006 - Next Stop Alabama

August 4, 2006

7:30 am we leave Williston heading towards US-27 & I-10.  The drive was relatively uneventful, hot, and humid.  We kept cool in some of the most inventive ways possible.   

9 hours later, it's 4:30 pm and as we look to the skies we see ominous clouds, darkness and wind beginning to start so Court figured a route shorter than the one we were going to take.  However, the shorter route meant narrower roads and since we are "newbies" at rving this would prove to be a challenge.

So far not a problem when all of a sudden here comes this semi up the other side of this road (remember I said narrower roads) and with no where to go we hold our breath and go for it.  With what seemed like inches to spare we make it past the semi inching to the right shoulder as much as we could without going in the ditch and "whew" we made it!

Wales West RV Park
As we pull into Wales West Train & RV Resort the storm hits so we take refuge as close as we can to the office building and ride it out.  As Court made his way back to the rig the wind grabbed the door and slammed it so hard against the side that it cracked the door. The rig was rocking back and forth so fiercely we felt like we would be tossed at any minute.  In front of us were the park hosts frantically trying to get their awing in before it blew away.   After a few minutes the skies were a bright blue, the wind and the rain was gone and we got settled in. 

We decided to stay a couple of nights to rest and enjoy the park and all it had to offer.  After we get settled in we take the train ride around the park and visit the gift shop, take a swim, do the laundry and all that in one day.  The next day we just hang around the rig relaxing and planning the next leg of the trip.

August 2006 - Heading West

August 3, 2006

Williston Crossing
After 2 weeks of fun and relaxation we needed to buckle down and head west.  We left the Port St. Lucie RV Resort at 2:30 pm heading to I-75 and US-27.  5 hours later we land at Williston Crossing RV Resort, one of the costliest ones we'll stay at on this journey.  I think it was fairly new when we came upon it, accidently by the way, we really don't plan, we just do!  That's the best way in my opinion, you never know what you'll find along the way.

July - Moving On

July 11, 2006

Up and out at 9:45 am and on the road via NY 352/US15 to I-81 (NY, PA, MD, WV &VA).  Along the way we passed Kenny Chesney's tour bus, Rick Hendrick Motorsports semi and Richard Childress Racing transport, a pretty uneventful (thank God) trip so far.  7 hours later we arrive at Woodstock, VA.  Tonight we camped at another Wal-Mart, this time it was quiet.

July 12, 2006

7:30 am and we are heading out south through Virginia between the Blue Ridge, Appalachian and Shenandoan Mountains.  It's sunny and windy!  Wind, my nemesis.   About 6 hours into the journey the wind is getting stronger, and because of this we decided to find a campground and finish up the day communing with nature and enjoying a few cocktails. I've not experienced driving in the wind until today and if you've never driven anything bigger than your car in the wind, then you it's hard to explain.  You feel like at any minute you can get blown over (not really, but in my mind that's how I felt, still do today).  But through searching other RV sites and blogs, it really takes quite a bit of wind to do that.

We are in Wythe County, VA at the Rural Retreat Campgrounds - absolutely beautiful.  We will get the hang of this RV thing, if we had wood we could have a campfire, if we had charcoal we could cook out and again we need ice.....but very relaxing nonetheless, quiet with alittle rain at night pattering on the roof put us to sleep.

July 13, 2006

The next day we stopped at the Lee Hi Truck Stop in Lexington, VA to dump the tanks.  Now at some point you too will experience "getting dumped on" and today was Court's day.  Everything was going so smoothly, we paid the $10, go the the dump area, insert the hose into the station, pull the lever for the black tank (this is what holds the waste) at which point the hose blew off and Court was covered in crap, toilet paper and pee!!!!   I couldn't stop laughing and thank God that wasn't we reattach the hose, finish emptying the tank and off he goes to get cleaned up.  Well I guess with all that just happened, we can excuse him for using the Ladies room instead of the mens. 

After a change of clothes - off we go.

This will be an easy day, only 4 1/2 hours to my sister's house in Horse Shoe, NC.  Arriving at her house around noon we hook up - only to blow some circuits 3 hours later we go onto generator power.  Ray later fixed it so we got off of the generator and back to the house power.  We will stay here for about a week visiting with mom, Linda and Ray.  Nothing to eventful on this trip, quiet relaxing and it gave us time to route out the rest of our journey West.
Mom Klein, Ray, Peaches (the dog) Linda and Bud (the dog)

It was great seeing everyone again......

July - 2006 It's a New Day

July 8, 2006

Okay, so much for rest, but we have to plug on so to speak.  We didn't leave Clarion, PA until noon, but then again we didn't have far to go that day as we continued to my brother's house in Big Flats, NY   Stopping along the way in Snow Shoe, PA., I'm getting out of the rig and heading to the restroom, as I'm doing that I see a semi pull up and since it's mid-July he (at least that's what I thought at first) was not wearing a shirt.  But as I get closer I quickly realize it's not a guy but a female!!!  Shirtless, boobs hanging out there as if she were by herself.....I had to rub my eyes to make sure of what I was looking at.  Yep, it's a woman!  Jimini Crickets Batman put a shirt on.  It wouldn't have been too bad if she was a "looker" so to speak but she was a very LARGE woman (if you get my drift).  At least she put on her shirt before she exited her cab....You just never know what you'll see on the road.

We arrive safely in Big Flats somewhere around 8 p.m.  So we head out to relax and stoll along Market Street in downtown Corning, NY. stopping at the Market Street Brewing Co. for a cold one.  Then we went on to the Waterfront Restaurant in Hammondsport, we listened to the band ate and drank and met new friends.  Later that night we had cocktails and dinner with Bill and Cyndy at Tags, then home to bed.

...and yes it was finally a great nights sleep.  We stayed with Bill for a few days.  He lives in the Finger Lakes Wine Region so of course we took a drive and stopped and tasted wine at various stops along the trail.  If you ever get the chance you need to take the tour not only is it beautiful but tasty too.