August 2006 - Texas

August 7, 2006

7:15 am on the road again - I-10 to Texas we leave the KOA, say goodbye to Mike and Tiffany and we are on the way.  Today is a little cooler and sunny.

This will be a short day, not sure why but we're tired so 5 hours later we pull into the Columbus RV Park in Columbus, Texas.  

The camp host was just so proud of the newly remodeled bathrooms he just had to show them off.

After a shower in the newly remodeled bathrooms and a relaxing evening sitting on the porch and a nice stroll around the park we settle in for the night.

August 8, 2006

Up and on the road at 7:15, we have a long way to go through Texas so we head out on I-10 once again.
Arriving in Junction, Texas at the KOA  on the Llano River, register and go to our site which is under a tree not too far from the river.  

You could tell they hadn't had too much water as the river levels were really low but the water was very refreshing from the heat.

We also took advantage of their pool and since we were practically the only ones there we pretty much had the pool to ourselves - which was nice, peaceful and very relaxing.  After our swim we did our laundry, showered and went to bed, as I said we had a long way to go to get through Texas so rest is very necessary!

August 9, 2006

As we pull out of the KOA in Junction, Courtney takes a quick scan of the map to see how far we still have to go get through....another 5 hours later and we land at Balmorea State Park in Toyahvale, Texas and what a find this was.  Watch the video produced by State Parks of Texas here ..............

August 10, 2006

Roadrunner RV Park
7:45 up and out and heading towards New Mexico.  About 5 hours later we arriving in Deming, New Mexico .   We drove around just alittle and really didn't see too much of interest so we went back to the first RV park we saw, Roadrunner RV Park
Paul was our park host and a very nice and cordial man.  He took the time to make sure we were settled in and proceeded to show us around the park and let us pick some nuts from all of the pecan trees on the property and they were fabulous, sweet and smooth tasting.  Nothing like fresh anything!  We had a really nice nights sleep, very restful.  Until tomorrow and our quest for Vegas....


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