March 2007 - Piecing it together

March 2007

As I sit here to try to piece together the past 5 years of our lives it's evident we should have kept a diary because I'm certain I won't remember everything but I'll do my's been quite a ride.

Ok - so where were we...right leaving Chicago.............

As we board the train in Chicago to Lafayette we are anxious to get our car out of storage and head back to Kanab.  Weather can be alittle shaky this time of year but we were lucky and didn't run into any problems.

We arrive in Lafayette around 10 pm where Julie and Ron are waiting for us at the Lafayette, Indiana Amtrak station.  Of course there's one stop we have to make before we go home and that's to The Pub (which is now closed) and have a drink.  It's late so there aren't too many people still there but worth the stop anyway.

On to Julie's to settle in for the night...we have a lot to do in a short period of time.  Morning and we head out to get the car and change storage units to a smaller one, then out and about to visit friends - we leave in a couple of days.

Ok - so here we go again back on the road to Kanab.  The ride back was again uneventful except for a little wind OF COURSE!  Before we left to get our car we moved to the Hitch N Post RV Park, a much, much better place than Crazy Horse, so we are happy to be back especially to our kids, Bud and Fuzzle.  Leaving the kids for 10 days was hard, but we knew they were well taken care of.