August 2006 - Westbound and down

August 6, 2006
7:00 am and we are on the road.  Heading to I-10 and Louisiana.

Again an uneventful trip, still hot and very, very humid, but I will say the roads in Louisiana are horrible.  So many potholes, uneven and just plain nasty.  We're surprised that all of our things in the cabinets didn't come falling out.

2:00 pm we pull into Scott, Louisiana KOA and some friends we met in Port St. Lucie catch up with us.  Mike and Tiffany show up after 10 hours of driving.  They are headed to the KOA at Circus, Circus in Vegas and plans are in the works to hook up with them once we arrive in the hopes we can get a job there as well - funds are getting low.

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