August 2006 - Next Stop Alabama

August 4, 2006

7:30 am we leave Williston heading towards US-27 & I-10.  The drive was relatively uneventful, hot, and humid.  We kept cool in some of the most inventive ways possible.   

9 hours later, it's 4:30 pm and as we look to the skies we see ominous clouds, darkness and wind beginning to start so Court figured a route shorter than the one we were going to take.  However, the shorter route meant narrower roads and since we are "newbies" at rving this would prove to be a challenge.

So far not a problem when all of a sudden here comes this semi up the other side of this road (remember I said narrower roads) and with no where to go we hold our breath and go for it.  With what seemed like inches to spare we make it past the semi inching to the right shoulder as much as we could without going in the ditch and "whew" we made it!

Wales West RV Park
As we pull into Wales West Train & RV Resort the storm hits so we take refuge as close as we can to the office building and ride it out.  As Court made his way back to the rig the wind grabbed the door and slammed it so hard against the side that it cracked the door. The rig was rocking back and forth so fiercely we felt like we would be tossed at any minute.  In front of us were the park hosts frantically trying to get their awing in before it blew away.   After a few minutes the skies were a bright blue, the wind and the rain was gone and we got settled in. 

We decided to stay a couple of nights to rest and enjoy the park and all it had to offer.  After we get settled in we take the train ride around the park and visit the gift shop, take a swim, do the laundry and all that in one day.  The next day we just hang around the rig relaxing and planning the next leg of the trip.

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