August 2006 - Our new home - Kanab, Utah

August 15, 2006

We arrived at 1 p.m in a rain and hail storm fter staying at the KOA in Flagstaff for a couple of nights before we headed to Kanab, Utah which now instead of Vegas would be our "ultimate" destination. 

However, little did we know just how ultimate it would be! 

The drive was an easy drive with many beautiful sites to see along the way.  We left Flagstaff at 6:30 in the morning, for some reason (probably not having money) we felt really motivated to get on the road. 
We arrived in Kanab around 12:30 pm at Parry Lodge.  We met with the General Manager, Steve Browning and some of the other staff working at the time and then on to the rv park, Crazy Horse Campark to get settled in.
The park didn't look very inviting and we had passed a much better looking one, the Hitchin Post RV Park just down the road that we would have preferred to stay at but since our work agreement included our rent we didn't have a choice.  So we stop at the office to find out where we are assigned an wow and this wasn't a good wow!   There were mice running all over the place and it was filthy.  In the big room attached to the check in desk which had several large bird cages and bird crap all over as well.  Not a very welcome sight, but this is what we signed up for when we started our new life's journey.  You take what you are given and do the best you can with it.

We had arrived just a few days before a big festival that is held every year in Kanab.  Western Legends Roundup and little did we know just how big it would be - at least to us.

We made quick friends in the park and the other Workampers that had already been working at the Lodge made us feel at home (this would all change a few years later).  We didn't bring our car with us, remember we said we were newbies so we didn't want to have to worry about that, we figured that we could just rent a car when we wanted to go sightseeing, you know you can do that in any city ---------except or Kanab.

The park was only 15 minutes (walking) from the Lodge, less then a mile driving so we figured that since we needed exercise anyway this would be great.  Our job was that of housekeepers, we weren't going to be too picky at this point - we were out of money so for now this would be good.  We knew we'd only be here until November which that point we would continue out quest for Vegas (sure we would) so we can be anything we need to be......for now.

Parry Lodge has a storied history.  Quite a few movies were filmed in and around Kanab and Kane County as well as the whole State of Utah.  If you've ever seen the Outlaw Josie Wales or even Gunsmoke then you've seen the sights (mountains) of the area.  The cool part is the cast and crew stayed at the Lodge while they were filming. Now my husband being the biggest movie buff I know wasn't even aware that this place existed, so when we arrive he quickly delves into everything there is available to learn about the movies made here and the area.


  1. I'm getting there Merikay, haven't had too much time to update, but I'm getting there - thanks for following me, you won't be disappointed :)

  2. Thanks foe the kind words you left on my site. I hope the pie recipe works for you.

    We're on the road in Minneaopolis, and it's quite steamy. Tomorrow we head towards Duluth and hopefully cooler temps.

  3. The pies turned out most fabulous and as I do with most recipes I kick them up a notch or 2 but still very yummy.

    Thanks again Muddywaters keep on cooking!