August 2006 - The Beginning of our new life in Kanab

So this is where our "road journey" ends but a new life begins. 

As I said we were offered a position in housekeeping.  Most people wouldn't even think about a job like this but you know why not?  You may think it's just like keeping up your own house, in some respects this may be true.  Cleaning the bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, bedmaking yes that's what we all do at home, but you aren't doing for yourself, what you do and how you do it is a direct reflection of the property you are working for.  This is for the guest's!

Industry standard for cleaning 1 room as a team (which consists of 2 people) is about 15 minutes, 4 rooms an hour. These are regular 2 queen bed hotel rooms so we think there shouldn't be a problem at all....6 hours later we had done 8 rooms and we thought we were doing great!  You do the math!  But as time went on of course we got much better and began to get within the time frame we needed to be.

Remember it's August in the Southwest so it's hot, really hot and since we didn't have a car we were walking to work cleaning room for 6 hours then walking home we were in the best shape we've been in in a long time.  Now we did get a ride in from time to time, but for the most part we wanted to walk.

Along with the housekeeping duties, I worked at the front desk from 4 to midnight and Court worked in maintenance at the same time.  We got to meet the most interesting people which is what we do best.

We have time to explore Kanab, which we quickly find out takes about 1 hour maybe.  It's a very small town and there really isn't much here - no Walmart, no place to rent a car and worse of all no bar!!!!  Utah isn't much for that sort of thing but we discover that just over the border in Arizona is the Buckskin which we will go to occasionally but with so many law enforcement agencies within just a few short miles why take the chance.  We'll just stay at home and do our partying with the other Workampers.

Don't get me wrong Kanab is a nice town and most of the people welcomed us with open arms.  Before we knew it Western Legends Roundup was quickly upon us. While we had to work we were still able to take part in some of the festivities.  We got to meet a few of the stars who stayed at the Lodge during the Roundup.  Ruth Buzzi (picture at left) of Laugh-In  Ruth was such a treat and we are so thrilled to be able to meet her and the rest of the stars.   Andrew Prine of Bonanza and Wagon Train and Clint Walker of course it was all so exciting for us. 
Court, Me, Andrew Prine, Ruth Buzzie, Dickie Jones,
Mrs. Prine, Lisa McCrea, Wyatt McCrea and Mrs. Jones

Everyone was dressed in their best western wear, well most everyone, official cowboys riding their horses through town and the high noon parade featured long horns all so new and fun to us.

We also learned about Cowboy Poetry.  It's not what you think it's poetry with a western hitch.  I am far from enjoying poetry but Cowboy Poetry was fun.  They tell stories as they rhyme and some are quite comical.  One of our maintenance men, Doug Keller was voted Kane County Cowboy Poet Laureate.

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  1. I could do a lot of jobs, but housekeeping would not be my favorite. I hardly do it at home!