August 2006 - Western Legends Life Goes On

August 2006

It's after Western Legends and everyone is ready for a rest, but this time of year is the busiest part of the year for tours and other travelers.  Around the end of August everyone is scrambling to get in one last vacation before school starts so we are busy with families.  Our tours are mostly if not all European and Asian.  Most of the tours only stay one night and every once in a while maybe 2 but we are always full , 89 rooms full most every day.

Since we didn't bring our car with us we rented a jeep to go exploring.  Our first trip would take us to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

It was windy I remember that day, my nemisis.  As we leave Kanab we go through Fredonia, Arizona, Jacob Lake where the Jacob Lake Lodge and Restaurant is and offers both cabins and hotel rooms as well as a campground for accommodations. The Restaurant has to die for cookies and is a great place for a rest stop on the way to the North Rim.  The Kaibab National Forest has various places for camping they are forest service roads and the Kaibab Lodge also offer rustic accommodations and then into Grand Canyon National Park, the Lodge and it's cabins, some of them on the edge of the canyon offer the most fantastic views.  The North Rim of the Grand Canyon, sometimes referred to as the "other" Grand Canyon, is less populated with visitors and uniquely different from the South Rim.
Grand Canyon North Rim

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  1. As a new follower, I am looking forward to catching up with you! I love that part of southern Utah, one of my favorite parts of the world