October - December 2006 - Ramblings from the past -

Ralphie as a kitten
So we are coming to the end of our first Workamping job and oddly we've fallen in love with Kanab and Utah.  The country is absolutely beautiful and very spiritual so we make the decision that this is where we'd like to make a new life ...... at least for now.  The little kitten that would follow us to the end of the road when we walked to work eventually found his way not only into our hearts, but into our home as well. Bud and Fuzzle were very accepting of him so our brood grew from 2 to 3 and he was christened Ralphie. 

Fuzzle and Ralphie
I have to say that fall, winter and the holidays in this area are pretty.  We had a very light snow that just dusted the mountains and along with the red rock colors was beautiful.  It was too cold, but cold enough that I wish I had brought our cold weather clothes with us - this is the sunny southwest right?  We decorated the right for Christmas as much as we could.
First snow in Kanab - for us

At the end of the season, the Lodge closes and now what do we do for money.  Court is lucky enough to be kept on in maintenance I take a job at Zions Bank Call Center.  It seems a fairly easy job and pays really well, but after I'm on the job for a month it's not exactly me.

It's very mechanical and if you don't follow the script they ding you, that's right.  You have people listening in on your calls to make sure you follow exactly what they have scripted - go off that script and you get notified by your supervisor that you aren't doing your job correctly.  This is crap to me...I am big in providing excellent customer service and not sounding like some robot so you can imagine the hard time I had with this job....you only get a potty break after you ask for it and then they keep track of the time you spend in the bathroom, how long you are away from the desk....ridiculous, but I stuck with it until the Lodge opened again in March and back we go.

To our surprise we were offered the Head Housekeeping position and of course we took it as it meant alittle more money and alittle more control over some of the staff that were taking advantage of the the place which in our opinion was rampant - and it wasn't only in housekeeping but in most of the departments as well.

So yet another new chapter in our lives begins - little did we know at the time just how much our lives would change in the near future.

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