July - Moving On

July 11, 2006

Up and out at 9:45 am and on the road via NY 352/US15 to I-81 (NY, PA, MD, WV &VA).  Along the way we passed Kenny Chesney's tour bus, Rick Hendrick Motorsports semi and Richard Childress Racing transport, a pretty uneventful (thank God) trip so far.  7 hours later we arrive at Woodstock, VA.  Tonight we camped at another Wal-Mart, this time it was quiet.

July 12, 2006

7:30 am and we are heading out south through Virginia between the Blue Ridge, Appalachian and Shenandoan Mountains.  It's sunny and windy!  Wind, my nemesis.   About 6 hours into the journey the wind is getting stronger, and because of this we decided to find a campground and finish up the day communing with nature and enjoying a few cocktails. I've not experienced driving in the wind until today and if you've never driven anything bigger than your car in the wind, then you it's hard to explain.  You feel like at any minute you can get blown over (not really, but in my mind that's how I felt, still do today).  But through searching other RV sites and blogs, it really takes quite a bit of wind to do that.

We are in Wythe County, VA at the Rural Retreat Campgrounds - absolutely beautiful.  We will get the hang of this RV thing, if we had wood we could have a campfire, if we had charcoal we could cook out and again we need ice.....but very relaxing nonetheless, quiet with alittle rain at night pattering on the roof put us to sleep.

July 13, 2006

The next day we stopped at the Lee Hi Truck Stop in Lexington, VA to dump the tanks.  Now at some point you too will experience "getting dumped on" and today was Court's day.  Everything was going so smoothly, we paid the $10, go the the dump area, insert the hose into the station, pull the lever for the black tank (this is what holds the waste) at which point the hose blew off and Court was covered in crap, toilet paper and pee!!!!   I couldn't stop laughing and thank God that wasn't me......so we reattach the hose, finish emptying the tank and off he goes to get cleaned up.  Well I guess with all that just happened, we can excuse him for using the Ladies room instead of the mens. 

After a change of clothes - off we go.

This will be an easy day, only 4 1/2 hours to my sister's house in Horse Shoe, NC.  Arriving at her house around noon we hook up - only to blow some circuits 3 hours later we go onto generator power.  Ray later fixed it so we got off of the generator and back to the house power.  We will stay here for about a week visiting with mom, Linda and Ray.  Nothing to eventful on this trip, quiet relaxing and it gave us time to route out the rest of our journey West.
Mom Klein, Ray, Peaches (the dog) Linda and Bud (the dog)

It was great seeing everyone again......

July 20, 2006

8:15 am and it's HOT again!  I-26 East to I-95 South, heading towards Florida, our next official stop to visit family and reat friends.  Traveling 348 miles we decide to stop in Townsend, GA for the nigh and find a great campground, McIntosh Lake RV Park,   it's a beautiful park and we were able to get a spot close to the lake with a view, clean, very clean bathrooms and a restaurant just outside our door. 

We settle in, have some cocktails and stroll around the park to meet the other campers.  There ae a few people gathered by the dock so we head over to meet them.  There we meet Leah and Troy the owners After finishing our cocktails we head for dinner at the Lakeside Restaurant - being the only ones there, we enjoy and quiet dinner and great food.  Another stop by the dock and a campfire (did I mention it was hot that day?), yes I said campfire, any type of weather is campfire weather (except of course the dreaded windy weather ), have one last cocktail with the others and then turn in for the night.

July 21, 2006

8:00 am and headed to Florida - I-95 through Georgia and Florida, I cannot wait to see everyone, it's been way too long. 

After 6 hours and yet again a gratefully uneventful trip we arrive at Port St. Lucie RV Resort, spot 62 I believe and settle in for a while.  By the way leaving Georgia we spent $2.97 a gallon for gas!!!!  Gone are those days right?

Getting together with our friends, going to the beach, walking the jetty in Fort Pierce  which was my dad's favorite place to go and now mine...it's just so peaceful listening to the waves lapping against the rocks and seeing the manatees come up for air - most gentle giants. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oDGrgBtQRQ&feature=relmfu

Our crew in Florida - great friends


  1. Ha! This post is making me flashback to the days where I visited the Rural Retreat campground. Nice little lake there and some fun fishing!

  2. Doing that dump, didn't sound like fun. Always funny to read back on the start of our RVing adventures, I am sure it is the same with you.

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. wow that is really amazing,i wish i can have lots of time and can read each bit of your blog as i am very sure that it has so much along thank you for sharing

    i think you guys are living an ideal life,
    god bless you always friends