July - 2006 It's a New Day

July 8, 2006

Okay, so much for rest, but we have to plug on so to speak.  We didn't leave Clarion, PA until noon, but then again we didn't have far to go that day as we continued to my brother's house in Big Flats, NY   Stopping along the way in Snow Shoe, PA., I'm getting out of the rig and heading to the restroom, as I'm doing that I see a semi pull up and since it's mid-July he (at least that's what I thought at first) was not wearing a shirt.  But as I get closer I quickly realize it's not a guy but a female!!!  Shirtless, boobs hanging out there as if she were by herself.....I had to rub my eyes to make sure of what I was looking at.  Yep, it's a woman!  Jimini Crickets Batman put a shirt on.  It wouldn't have been too bad if she was a "looker" so to speak but she was a very LARGE woman (if you get my drift).  At least she put on her shirt before she exited her cab....You just never know what you'll see on the road.

We arrive safely in Big Flats somewhere around 8 p.m.  So we head out to relax and stoll along Market Street in downtown Corning, NY. stopping at the Market Street Brewing Co. for a cold one.  Then we went on to the Waterfront Restaurant in Hammondsport, we listened to the band ate and drank and met new friends.  Later that night we had cocktails and dinner with Bill and Cyndy at Tags, then home to bed.

...and yes it was finally a great nights sleep.  We stayed with Bill for a few days.  He lives in the Finger Lakes Wine Region so of course we took a drive and stopped and tasted wine at various stops along the trail.  If you ever get the chance you need to take the tour not only is it beautiful but tasty too.

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