2007.......Continuing the Experience

2007 ...........picking up where I left off.......
Days come and days go. We seem to be moving along the way we want, rooms are gettting cleaned and the guests are pleased, for the most part. We've lost a few staff but gained ones as well.  It's hard to find staff with good work ethics here, but we manage to get a few good ones and some we have are through the Workamper program.  Workampers are those who live in their RV's and travel from season to season to places across the US, most staying an average of 4 to 7 months at a job, some come back and thankfully some don't (tongue in cheek)!

It's truly amazing how adults who claim to have been executives in a prior occupation are the ones who most likely will break the rules or think they are above the rules.  We have learned so much in this experience - ....I digress, more about this later.

We continue to explore our area, next Zion National Park  the most glorious in it's splendour worth the time you spend exploring and there is plenty to explore.  It is grand experience not to be missed, truly a spiritual adventure and how in awe we were at the massive rock formations, how over thousands of years withstood the sands of time, what stories they could tell. 

Take for example Angel's Landing, it's one of the most famous and thrilling hikes in the national park system. Zion's pride and joy runs along a narrow rock fin with dizzying drop-offs on both sides. The trail culminates at a lofty perch, boasting magnificent views in every direction. Rarely is such an intimidating path so frequented by hikers. One would think that this narrow ridge with deep chasms on each of its flanks would allure only the most intrepid of hikers. Climbers scale its big wall; hikers pull themselves up by chains and sightseers stand in awe at its stunning nobility. The towering monolith is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the Southwest a hike we never took because well you could very well end up with the Angels, as several people have over the years. It isn't for the faint of heart.

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