July 2006 - RV Living - Life Changing

Any change is a good change, especially if you learn from that change or are willing to learn.  Again this goes back to what I said in the beginning, living your life the way YOU see fit, not how others think you should.

We literally walked away from great paying jobs with benefits, great benefits, cashed in our retirement savings and the security (at that time) of knowing we'll always have a job.  Was it scary and stressfull, yes, I'd have to say it was - was it worth it and would we if given the opportunity do it all over again - DEFINITELY.

 The boys at Sgt. Preston's Lafayette, IN
Court, Mark and Steve Needham and me at the Pub, Lafayette, IN
John, Jeff, Court and Dick at the Pub, Lafayette, IN
So after we picked up our rig, had a few garage sales and put the rest of our belongings in storage we were ready to hit the road, taking some time to visit family and friends before heading to Las Vegas, which was our ultimate destination. 

We are first time RV owners, fulltimers, newbies as we would find out is the name for those just beginning and without the help of anyone - we're off.  Now there are several, maybe hundreds of sites and books out there for first time owners, read a couple but it can be overwhelming. 

I've listed few links here for books that we feel may be worth the reading before you set out on your own adventure.

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